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Optio App

The Optio App is a digital assistant that harnesses the power of data analytics and personalized feedback to

support users in optimizing their task  performance and cognitive abilities.

The Optio App is created to meet the need of individuals driven by the desire for continuous improvement of their cognitive performance.

  • Depth & Motion Capture

  • Thermal Scanner 

  • IAQ Sensors 

  • Temperature 

  • Humidity 

  • Airflow 

Date Collection 

Based on the analysis, the app generates insights to boost productivity and help users optimize their performance.

Ex: detects stress levels during certain tasks / times of day, recommends relaxation techniques & suggests scheduling breaks to recharge.



Employing data analytics on the user’s data, the app identifies patterns & correlations in the physiological and psychological state over time as the app learns what helps the user personally to help keep better focus.

Gathering various types of data from the user including short term and long term data, the app collects psychological data such as mood, stress levels, and cognitive performance metrics and track your progress accordingly.

Monitoring Progress 

Optio is particularly created targeting individuals with high-performance roles managing multiple projects, such as those in the tech industry, creative & design fields, academia, and related occupations. The concept behind Optio Digital Assistant is to generate value by processing user

data to learn behavioral patterns and become tailored to the user's needs for optimized support whenever and wherever. With just a few taps, users can access personalized insights to boost their performance.

Concept &

Target Audience

Optio Digital Assistant combines various sets of your data to understand how they affect your cognitive performance in different circumstances. Both physical variables and your mood are evaluated in order to give you the most personalized support in your projects.

Data Mirroring Component

Backend Data Processing

High on Energy level, Focused

Calm & Well Rested, Focused

Over loaded, Unfocused

Drained, Exhausted, Unfocused 

How To Read Optio Graph

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