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Cyborg Installation 

Interactive Audio Visual Exhibition 

Contain Musician poster design &​

3D Sound experience virtual walking space

Poster Design

HEXAVI is an Independence Artist


This project, which follows HEXAVI, an independent music producer and musician, on their creative journey, explores visual storytelling via six diverse posters. HEXAVI, the project's persona, represents an enthusiasm for many musical genres and artistic expression such a s Audio-visual songs and immersive art forms.

Second Phase

Designing Exhibition area to showcase the designed posters. also showcase the one audio visual installation where you can experience the 3D soundscape  and audio reactive projection on wall  

First Phase

Designing 6 live poster, Each poster acts a s a narrative canvas, representing a specific period in HEXAVI's musical journey.

Try to use unique  design organization & methods, emphasis 3D feel & soundscape experience.


Blender Modeling and Placement 
Unreal Engine 5         3D Sound 
Unreal Engine 5         Blueprints
Unreal Engine 5         lighting
Unreal Engine 5         Interaction
Ableton 11 Generative sound & Mixxing

Cyborg Installation 

Installation create using:

Blender: to create 3D assets and environment design.

Ableton: to create sound effects & Audio Composition 


Unreal Engine 5.4: to create walking simulation interaction & Create 3D exhibition Experience 

Downloas links

The East Side Gallery's rich history and bold expressions have influenced my approach to creating visually striking and meaningful user experiences.

Artist Book

Cyborg Installation 

The Audio Visual & Virtual Exhibition Experience 

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Berlin Germany


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